Welcome to Ayn TRUE

Welcome to Ayn TRUE a blog that deals with Christian spiritual content.
More often we have that overwhelming feeling of connecting strongly with our maker; I am here to do just that through literature. 

Ayn TRUE is more than a blog 
It’s a journey. Ayn TRUE serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me everyday in this world. With Poetry and occasional devotional study; We take a journey through the passion for Christ with Christ. It’s not just literature, it’s prayer from a heart to its TRUE owner. Let’s start with a walk can we?

So, sit back, relax, and walk with me.

Latest from the Blog


I seek not validation from anyone, from any man. I might have loved it before, I might have wanted people to know just how much I’ve heard, how much value you’ve placed on me.But I seek not validation from any man. I might have wanted men to see me burning for you. To think I … Continue reading Apex

Wells of the spirit

The words of the spirit Without meaning yet we speak the sweet language of the spirit. Without understanding yet we know that we’re being conformed. To something new irregular, abnormal. The normalcy of the followers of christ. We speak, we thirst, we drink. And we know we’ve drunk when we thirst for more. Like drunk … Continue reading Wells of the spirit

I need you

In times when I feel lost and directionless Without purpose without drive Dull and disconnected in that moment is when I realize once again that I need Jesus desperately Even more than I did before To give life. To give him

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