Being saved comes with a lot of things. It’s first that unexplainable intense feeling of love for your maker. We’ve had those moments of wonder where we’re just in awe of the workings of christ or extreme gladness where we’re thankful for even just identifying as Christians. Let’s not forget the state of brokenness before Christ. We’re familiar with this right? That’s great. If you can’t relate, it’s not a problem. These experiences leave a long lasting change, first find him. Ayn TRUE will help take you on that journey to the cross.

Ayn will be looking at just about everything pertaining to the christ, the bride; his church and all things we can relate to in regards to our faith. Every little heart’s prayer and longing.

Ayn is open to just about anyone looking to find the faith, try and understand it or keep the faith.

The walk with God is a very beautiful journey that gives life. Let’s go and that journey together. Shall we?

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