He loves you

Have you met HIM

Oh wait you must at least heard about HIM

Oh boy you’d love HIM

I’ll tell you

HE’s a man yet God

You haven’t met a more perfect man

HIS voice oh!

Calm enough to give you peace

Powerful enough to set you ablaze

Tell me you’ve met HIM. How could you not have?

You must have at least seen HIM from afar


HE’s so beautiful

HIS eyes so full of fire

HIS gaze is enough to purify

Oh the passion in them

A fierce lover HE is

He wants to see you smile

HE was obsessed with you before you even knew him

HE made a huge sacrifice for you

HE died to save you

Oh I’m not finished

HE’s super defensive, very protective

HE’d die for you, Again

And when we don’t want HIM

HE waits for us

With a longing so deep so unexplainable

It’s love

HE’s always ready to recieve you

The perfect Gentleman

Now don’t you want to meet HIM

HE waits for you

Ever ready to take your hands and lead you to a blissful journey

And lead you to eternal life

Never to break your heart or forget you

Never to let you go

Have you met JESUS?

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