Hold on I’ll find you

Lost is where I’m at now The yearnings once there Well they’re still there but not for life Just for them. There’s comfort. Yes. But not in you as supposed but in promising waves of end Each day I dive deeper into an abyss of demising deep The chains draw closer they get tighter And … Continue reading Hold on I’ll find you


I seek not validation from anyone, from any man. I might have loved it before, I might have wanted people to know just how much I’ve heard, how much value you’ve placed on me.But I seek not validation from any man. I might have wanted men to see me burning for you. To think I … Continue reading Apex

Wells of the spirit

The words of the spirit Without meaning yet we speak the sweet language of the spirit. Without understanding yet we know that we’re being conformed. To something new irregular, abnormal. The normalcy of the followers of christ. We speak, we thirst, we drink. And we know we’ve drunk when we thirst for more. Like drunk … Continue reading Wells of the spirit

I need you

In times when I feel lost and directionless Without purpose without drive Dull and disconnected in that moment is when I realize once again that I need Jesus desperately Even more than I did before To give life. To give him


How do i show you I love you I know I do.. I know because my mind seems to wander to you when I think of anything else But how do I show you I love you I want to connect on a deeper level with you. I’ve given my life to you I’ve said … Continue reading How?


Deep calls unto deepThe understanding that comes with the spiritThe heart praysIt wants to knowWhat it means to be broken, shatteredBefore it’s maker.

I draw

The heart is heavyThere’s a feeling of wearinessI long for restMy flesh still livesCan I see your face one more time so I can die againIt’s unexplainableIncomprehensibleIn simple wordsI don’t understand lordIt’s so strongIt’s a desireMy life needs moreOf whatever it is you have to offerDesperatelyAnd I’m ready to offer everything I haveIn desperationCan you … Continue reading I draw

He loves you

You must have at least seen HIM from afar No? HE’s so beautiful HIS eyes so full of fire HIS gaze is enough to purify Oh the passion in them A fierce lover HE is He wants to see you smile HE was obsessed with you before you even knew him HE made a huge … Continue reading He loves you


Being saved comes with a lot of things. It’s first that unexplainable intense feeling of love for your maker. We’ve had those moments of wonder where we’re just in awe of the workings of christ or extreme gladness where we’re thankful for even just identifying as Christians. Let’s not forget the state of brokenness before … Continue reading Introduction

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