Hold on I’ll find you

Lost is where I’m at now

The yearnings once there

Well they’re still there but not for life

Just for them.

There’s comfort. Yes. But not in you as supposed but in promising waves of end

Each day I dive deeper into an abyss of demising deep

The chains draw closer they get tighter

And my mind is clear and my heart cries savior. I can’t help but wonder if you’re still here beside me.

I mean it is said only the pure in heart shall see you. And pure right now is far from the efforts I’m making.

But you’re also ever near to the broken and contrite heart. And yes I’m broken I’m in desperate need of fixing

Else I sink into the drink of culpability

Knees bent, head fallen sand hearts bowed. The position I’ll take till I’m found

Save me from this YHVH

Save me from myself.


I seek not validation from anyone, from any man.

I might have loved it before, I might have wanted people to know just how much I’ve heard, how much value you’ve placed on me.But I seek not validation from any man.

I might have wanted men to see me burning for you. To think I was still aligned. To think I was making progress
But I seek not validation from any man

What I seek is you. Just your voice saying “I see your efforts, I see all that you try to do, I see your hunger, I know and I love you.”
The only validation I could ever know

Elohim ya’azor li